Pono consultants

PONO is here to help create the organizations that are creating the future. The time for us to work with yours, is now.

Play with Brilliance!

Top organizations know that a robust organizational culture is the foundation for excellence. For PONO, leadership is not about filling a gap – it’s about igniting a field of inspired collaboration resulting in organizational excellence, sound governance, sustainable development, and strategic alignment leading to sustainable commitment.

ChartPONO clients choose a new currency – the “quality of relationships in our lives” – facilitated by providing business leaders access to a path for transforming themselves in ways that preserve their confidence, expertise and inspire both themselves and their people to greater levels of contribution.

We work in partnership with you and your team, supporting organizations in achieving and exceeding goals through self-understanding, individual growth, and a common language for interaction and organizational growth.  We do this by creating the conditions that enable YOU to imagine possibilities, remove barriers, and translate vision for effectiveness into meaningful action.  Our work generates prosperous work environments that support and sustain life, and lives that work powerfully and effectively inside those cultures where magic and miracles are a part of life!

Judith Richardson, MA, BA, BEd, MEC’s executive coaching helps you find and mobilize your boldness, your thoughtfulness, your sense of strategy, your capacity for self-reflection and self-awareness, your willingness to take risks, and your passion to make a difference in the world.