About Pono Consultants International Inc.

PONO Consultants offers a roster of robust and inspiring sessions and services to facilitate change in your organization and the people within it.These include:

Peak Performance
• Teams, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Athletes & Award Winning Coaches
• Using the PONO Evolutionary Focus Model©

Stakeholder Engagement
• Understand, Connect, Collaborate
• Using the PONO Model of Stakeholder Engagement/Consultations©

Organizational Culture Optimization
• Leading powerful change
• Using the PONO 5 C Explosion of Organizational Culture Model©

Integrated Communications
• Aligning communication with corporate imperatives
• Collaborative integrated communications
Research and Organizational Development
• People (Human Resources) and Business Systems

• Outstanding Women Speak

What Clients Say

“Judith’s skills and insight into human nature along with the various techniques and instruments she uses generate insight and movement in all those who encounter her.  She is a highly talented and marvelously ‘present’ lady and a wonderfully gifted and insightful presenter.”  - M. Langille, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

“Judith is a weaver – seamlessly weaving global experiences, corporate management experience, wisdom traditions and business ideas into the needs of the moment. She brings a deep respect for each individual.”  - S. Murphy, President Quest Coaching International, New York

“The principles and processes we explored in coaching with Judith have had a profound effect on my performance and enjoyment of life both personally and as principal of a company.  Judi’s approach is compellingly practical, immediately applicable, intuitive and impeccably rational – a powerful model for personal, professional and organizational performance enhancement.  We obtained results for strategic objectives of shifting perspectives, expanding leadership and attracting new clients.”  - K. Hominchuk, Integrated People Solutions

“Personally, I found Judi Richardson especially interesting and practical.  In fact, her area of specialization is "integration" or taking the theory, that we've all heard, and developing it into a practical system that works for each leader she coaches.  She's articulate, interesting, and well worth listening to.” - B. Jones, VP Atlantic Lottery Corporation