Sample Clients, Strategic Partners and Projects

• Bell Canada Intel Canada
• Atlantic Lottery Canada
• Canadian Tire
• Saint Mary’s University
• Westfield Group, LLC
• General Growth Properties (GGP)
• Ministry of Education Jamaica
• Novosibirsk State Medical. Acad.
• Economical Mutual Insurance
• Ministry of Health
• Fisheries and Oceans Canada
• Royal Bank Group
• Hewlett Packard Canada
• ING Canada (Intact Insurance)
• Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq
• Department of Fisheries and Oceans
• Public Health Agency of Nova Scotia
• Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources

PONO Consultants International Inc. – Stakeholder Expertise Engagement Architect!

We include Integrated Communications in our core services - focusing on aligning, interconnecting and coordinating an organization’s communication objectives, strategies, activities and resources with the organization’s vision, mission, values, business plan, other business units and functions, and its day-to-day activities. We assist your leaders and organization to practice meticulous, caring focus on helping everyone maintain alignment with values, terms of reference, principles, agreements and objectives. Integrated Communications aspires to deliver a seamless service that maximizes interactions with internal and external audiences in the pursuit of mutual and sustainable benefits, as well as building capacity to thrive in times of organizational change.

Financial Sector - Canada
From individual executive corporate coaching for enhanced performance to providing training on coaching mindset for performance development and leading team peak performance retreats, PONO has been a strategic partner for RBC in Atlantic Canada. Teams consistently placed first in Atlantic Canada and national measures.

Financial/Insurance Sector - Canada
Industry leaders experiencing product diversification and desire to capitalize on previous success and established relationships. Through Peak Performance executive corporate coaching, establishing more formal performance development processes, and team peak performance retreats, participants strategically reviewed their success, learned and applying new practices to increase sales and exceed targets.

Global Educational Sector - MSVU, Jamaican Ministry of Education – Leadership Development
Following a Ministerial Task Force report, the Ministry of Education began restructuring all departments and service delivery systems, creating new structures while reducing a number of positions. Judith designed and delivered a Management Training Program for 180 Ministry of Education managers and senior school administrators to help them navigate and lead change. Our responsibilities included enabling participants to internalize the vision and develop realistic goals and strategies to allow them to navigate change and develop staff accordingly.
Outcomes included:
· A group of Ministry leaders have examined the process of managing schools in an international comparative framework.
· A culture of instructional leadership and school administration is improving classroom practices and curriculum implementation.
A group of leaders has emerged with increased and relevant technological skills and knowledge applicable in improving effective school performance and the creation of a positive learning culture in the school context.

Canada and U.S. Retail and Technology Sectors
Mall Strategy (U.S.) Proof of Concept for Technology Start-up.  Develop infrastructure, RFP's, roll-out plan and retail strategy, including national and regional job descriptions. Interviewed, hired and performance developed 2 Retail Directors, 3 Regional Managers, 16 Area Managers, Managers and staff for over 70 locations. Developed and administered Peak Performance (Executive Coaching) Plan for retail staff – improving leadership and management in Area Managers influencing managers and staff. Developed and managed strategic partnerships with US Staffing Agency and Mall Real Estate brokers. Account management/relationship building with 9 National Mall Developers and ICSC to achieve reduced rent, prime placement and marketing for over 70 locations. Lead on decommission of the Mall Program, including negotiating early lease release at an average of 60% of face value.
The mall program resulted in over 1.3 million size matching sessions, made over 24 million recommendations - both of which contributed to the development of the predictive model for on-line business model, contributed to evolving the technology, generated more than 500 million media impressions to–date (including The View, Anderson Cooper 360, Fox News, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Bloomberg Business Week and front page of the New York Times.

Global – Health Sector - Siberia
Leaders in Western Siberia Health Care sought support to strengthen nursing education and the professional nursing organization and to make national and international partnerships. Nurses in Russia still function in roles that are highly dependent on physicians 10 years into health care reform. Nursing education programs lag behind other disciplines and international standards in resources, access to current best practices information and the capacity to generate new, culturally appropriate knowledge and evidence. Rather than bringing “western expertise”, Judith’s approach was designed to draw on the wisdom and leadership that exists locally, building capacity for change from within to achieve goals. Stakeholders developed vision and strategic objectives from that vision. Our processes included connecting nursing leaders, academic leaders, physician leaders, educators and other stakeholders; creating a vision for health care including nursing; and providing workshops and coaching to enable leaders to integrate and sustain change – to continue their work after our departure. We also provided innovative methods to discover and implement sustainable solutions that engage passion and responsibility of those involved, and provide methods to improve relationships among interdisciplinary teams, clients and other stakeholders.

Canada – Public Sector Federal Government
Regional Diversity Advisory Council of the Canadian Federal Government desired to develop skills to become more relevant to stakeholders and provide a direct channel for communication. We worked with two groups to build internal capacity as well as the Regional Diversity Advisory Council and Employment Equity program. As the Aboriginal Network was emerging, RDAC began to see itself as a voice for the designated groups to reach upper management; and as a central place for networks to meet, share perspectives and ideas, challenges and aspirations. A series of sessions using whole person process facilitation was used with groups. Two groups have since moved on to formalizing their work – The Aboriginal Employee Network and The Disabled Employee Network. We assisted these two groups to establish mission, vision, terms of reference and strategy for moving forward.